Life @ Sarvasatya

Sarvhasatya provides an atmosphere that binds diverse cultures together under a single term called a Team for the principal named Growth. The atmosphere is friendly, flexible and truly remarkable for employees with a vision of both personal and organizational growth. It provides the best platform for the employees to improve their skills and see the unseen through learning latest work techniques, technologies and ensure that they can compete in this fast paced world.

Corporate Lunches & Team Outings
The corporate lunches & Team Outings is one course of action adopted by us in SARVHA SATYA essentially for the motive of team building. The management ensures that the program is conducted on a regular basis and with all employees active participation.

Employee Development Program
This is a continuous process for mutual benefit. At Sarvhasatya this progression is orchestrated through trainings, internal seminars and group discussions whereby the employees are trained, educated and finally reach the developed stage.

Informal Meetings
It is usually a session conducted by the line managers with the employees of various strata by mode of brain storming. At Sarvhasatya this session is aimed at gushing out various ideas and proposals towards the company growth, address employees’ grievances and thoughtful solutions for any organizational issues.

Co-Curricular Activities
It is yet another driving feature for the employees’ addiction towards Sarvha Satya.Here at Sarvhasatya various extra curricular activities are staged to bring out the various facets of the employees. Cricket matches are being conducted regularly between staff and the students of our institution. Various other sporting activities from Indoor to outdoor are also being staged. Also various other cultural fests are on the schedule planner and waiting for its execution.